Quick Guide : Retargeting Strategy

The most common things we sucks at business is just because we all want to connect with as many potential clients as possible at the upper funnel sale process, but also we do not want to sacrifice performance in the lower-funnel. The only way we can settle this dilemma is by building very smart upper-funnel marketing campaigns that rely on your lower-funnel conversion strategy. To do this, you have to follow several steps to create retargeting strategy:

Step 1: Set your performance objectives

First, you have to decide what’s important for your business and how retargeting resolve sales problems. Retailers always face a hard question:

  • How can I grow my business and at the same time persuade users from website to convert with low costs? Can I do both of them?
  • If not, which one is more important?

The answer is consistently correlated to your sales objectives. Keep in mind that bringing new customers isn’t cheap but it can be covered by their lifetime value. Beside that, you need to find high ROI campaigns and use effective marketing automation at a larger scale.

Step 2: Use retargeting strategy for performance goals

Retargeting strategy is most efficient when you use it on people who have high intentions of purchasing. They are in the lower-funnel stage so you have to start building campaigns at this level. Use live triggers, email triggers or SMS triggers for visitors who indicate a big interest in your products or services and just need a small encouragement (special offers, discounts or free shipping) or a reminder to close the deal, like for those who abandon them carts or visit specific product pages.

Step 3: Use retargeting strategy for business growth

The sign that people are less engaged in what you offer :

  1. Those who visit multiple products
  2. Those who only browse your website

They are in the mid-funnel and upper-funnel sale process. After they leave your site, they could go to other websites to search a lower price. It’s very important that to not lose connection with them. So, what should i do?

  1. Recommend  the best sellers products
  2. Offer them a very good reason to come back and place an order.

This kind of marketing automation campaign may not have a high conversion rate, but retargeting at this stage will keep your business growing.

Final words, retargeting strategy helps you focus on intention signals of your website visitors and recognize who is most likely to convert. This way you can increase reach and drive scale in a very smart way. Segment your audience in a proper manner, apply a creative brand strategy and optimize landing pages to scale retargeting campaigns.

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