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Choosing Brand Identity Over a Logo Design

“I want to create a brand identity for my business – I only need a logo.”

This is very common misconception in the mind of many business men and women when they want to create a brand for their business (Read: Why Branding Is Important for Small Businesses). Sometimes we misunderstand that a brand is not merely a symbol, logo or ‘mark’ used in the signboard outside our office. Brand is something more. To create a great brand identity, we must first identify the vision, value, market and also some aspects like “how it should be seen, how it should be heard and how it should looks like”.

The problem that most graphic designers and marketing studios have these days is dealing with clients who has no knowledge about what brand means and the importance of having a full branding process (brand identity, brand voice, brand strategy and etc) during the creation stage.

Most of the time, the graphic designers only create the brand identity (ex: logo and stationary) for those clients that fail to understand what branding is, but this is a serious mistake for the designer. However, the clients too, sometimes did not want to pay for the full branding process because it is too expensive. Therefore, the designer cannot create the best branding products for the client. This is not the designer’s failure.

Do take a note :

When you simplify the process – disregarding the aspect of the company (vision, value & competitor), the logo will lose their value and uniqueness.

Think of this scenario …

Assume that you have never heard about Apple before. You are unaware of the company and what it has to offer. Now if you pass by a person with an apple logo laptop or drive by an Apple billboard, would you be amazed by it? Probably not. It is just the silhouette of a bitten apple.

Now why bother buying a laptop that costs $ 2000 rather than any other laptop that you can get for $ 500? Not only because Apple has a good quality for their products, but it’s also the stigma of having a Mac on your lap rather than the other brands. Famous brands like Apple has actively marketed their logo and established its connection with their company products, which is why you and the other customers have a strong awareness only by seeing their logo. This process though, it’s not an instant process.

This is the largest downfall of branding decisions made by many business owners and entrepreneurs. A brand is not just a mark or a symbol that you put on your company sign board. On the contrary, a brand leaves marks on your customer mind. 

Another major distinction between a logo and a brand is their focus span.

Great logo illustrates what a company stands for, what it has to offer and what its purpose of existence. While a brand has strategic focus. It depicts a vision of the company to how brand will be and its promises to the customers in the future.

A logo design is a visual representation of any company or business. It is part of brand identity that projects the image of the company existence in the industry. A brand goes one giant step further in PROTECTING the image of the company. Whatever you establish through your logo design, it is inevitably protected by your brand.

Think about the gap of failure. A company decided to redesign their logo. Unfortunately, this strategy failed. But their longstanding BRAND power protected them from any serious damage towards the company.

Final words, a logo lay the foundation of a brand but it is not sufficient to establish their presence. Branding does not end with just a logo. They must be communicated through a brand marketing & advertising in order to be recognised. Next time  if you ask your branding agency for a logo – maybe you should also consider to invest in the whole branding package! 

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